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Tube Bending Machine

Tube Bending Machine
Product Name: Tube Bending Machine
Product Code: WEL0019

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Tube Bending Machine.

Suitable for bending large diameter pipe, the angle from 0°to 180°can be adjusted randomly.
Technology can provide all types of pipe, the specification less than 8″is completed.
Adopts hydraulic parallel integrate circuit, movement control is individual so that the hydraulic components have a long life.
Three-section circuit, with cooling function, and even can make the hydraulic oil does not produce degeneration.
Spindle by thermal refining, bending hand forged by special steel, parts by stringent quality inspection, superior quality, unified specification.
It has the function of both manual and automatic concurrently and enclosed the emergency stop device.
Can be set various angles and mutual take turns bending, so avoid the trouble of transfer.
Host machine is controlled by electric equipment, even though unskilled worker can join the produce procession promptly, too.
Can equip automatic feeding length, set angle, finish complicated pipe and save manpower cost.
Automatic feeding length and feeding segment, and set variety of angle, according to consumer’s needs and productions

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