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Slide Set Basic Botany

Slide Set Basic Botany
Product Name: Slide Set Basic Botany
Product Code: Biologyplant0001

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Slide Set Basic Botany.

Spirogyra, vegetative E
Spirogyra, conjugation E 
Mucor, conjugation
Zea (maize), root TS 
Helianthus, stem TS
Fucus, dioecious antheridial and oogonial conceptacles
Pinus (pine) leaf TS 
Prunus (cherry) leaf TS
Zea, stem TS 
Chlamydomonas E 
Dryopteris prothallus with antheridia and archegonia E
Tilia (lime) young and old stem TS
Helianthus (sunflower) young root TS
Mnium, archegonial head VS
Mnium (moss) antheridial head VS
Saccharomyces (yeast) budding
Allium (onion) root apex, mitosis LS
Penicillium, mycelium, and conidia
Marchantia (liverwort) thallus, antheridia VS
Marchantia, thallus, archegonia VS
Marchantia, developing sporogonium VS
Dryopteris (fern), pinnule with sori TS
Cucurbita (marrow) stem, for sieve tubes LS
Ranunculus (buttercup) flower bud LS
Pollen grains, wind and insect distribution E

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