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Plasma Cutting Machine

Plasma Cutting Machine
Product Name: Plasma Cutting Machine
Product Code: WeldingLab0024

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Plasma Cutting Machine.

various industries like automobile, heavy Engineering, construction, power & energy and all engineering industries, etc. 
We have authorized automation distributor of Hypertherm to use and integrate Hypertherm Plasma Power source in our cutting machines.

Highly productive and cost-effective mode of cutting metal sheets and plates.
Integrate standard plasma, high speed and high-performance plasma power sources based on customer business requirement.
Cuts mild steel, stainless steel plates and aluminum sheets with high precision.
High productivity and low operating costs.

Max Cutting Length- 1000-2000 mm, 2000-3000 mm, 3000-4000 mm, >4000 mm
Max Cutting Speed- >4000 mm/min
Max Cutting Thickness- 30 mm
Max Cutting Width- 3000-4000 mm
Material of Construction- Stainless Steel

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