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Load Cell (Strain Gauge) Trainer

Load Cell (Strain Gauge) Trainer
Product Name: Load Cell (Strain Gauge) Trainer
Product Code: IST0002

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Load Cell (Strain Gauge) Trainer.
Load Cell (Strain Gauge) Trainer Lab Equipments Manufacturer, Suppliers & Exporters Load Cell (strain Gauge) Trainer Demonstrate the principle and working of load cell and its applications for measuring load 0-2 Kg.  Supply required : 230 V, 50Hz AC.  Built in I.C. based DC regulated power supply with short circuit protection and LED indication for supply ON.  Bridge made up of 4 strain gauges mounted on a specially alloy materials type load cell.  Built in excitation voltage for the bridge.  Built in 3.5 digit seven segment display for direct reading stain in Kg.  Built in highly sensitive signal amplifier.  Different loads provided for building up of load.  Set of patch cords .  Housed in an elegant with a well spread intelligently designed circuit layout on front panel.  Strongly supported by a comprehensive instruction manual complete with theory and operating details.  With essential Test Points and detailed Instructional Manual 230V AC Operated and with required Patch cords.

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