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Laboratory Bench Oven

Laboratory Bench Oven
Product Name: Laboratory Bench Oven
Product Code: Soilmechanics0003

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Laboratory Bench Oven.
General drying of samples in the laboratory.

Interior body is made of stainless steel by argon-arc-welding technique.
Exterior body is made of high-quality steel sheet with a novel appearance.
Hot air circulation system is composed of the blower fan and proper air channels.
Oven door with Silicon gasket & transparent thermal glass window for watching the samples under drying.
Temperature control protection.
Digital display.
Microcomputer PID temperature controller with a timer function to ensure precise & reliable temperature control.
Can adjust blast and exhaust in control panel.

Capacity: 220 liters.
Temperature Resolution: ± 0.10C.
Rated power heater elements: 2.4 KW
Temp. range: +50-300°C.
Time Locating Range: 1-9999Min.
Temp. Fluctuation: ± 0.75 0C.
Shelves: 2, Shelf positions; 3

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