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Electronic Theodolite

Electronic Theodolite
Product Name: Electronic Theodolite
Product Code: SURY0001

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Electronic Theodolite.
Theodolites have Smart appearance, reasonable structure, practical functions. They are easy-to-use, and with excellent performance and reliable quality.


    Magnification: 30X
    Objective Lens: 45mm
    Overall Length: 157mm
    Stadia Ration: 100
    Stadia Constant: 0
    Image: Erect
    Field of View: 1° 30"
    Minimum Focus: 1.4m
    Resolving Power: 3.0'

Electronic Angle Measurement:

    Reading System Photoelectric detection by incremental encoder
    Diameter of Circle (Vhz): 79mm
    Minimum Reading: 1"/5" (Selectable)
    Accuracy: 2"
    Horizontal Angle: Dual
    Vertical Angle: Dual


    (LCD) Display Type: 2 sides, segment LCD in two lines

Level Sensitivity:

    Plate Level: 30"/2mm (30" per 2mm)
    Circular Level: 8'/2mm (8" per 2mm)

Auto Vertical Compensator:

    System: Liquid-electric detection/plate level selectable
    Working range: +3'
    Accuracy: 1" (Liquid-electric detection) 30""/2mm (plate level)

Optical Plummet Telescope:

    Image: Erect
    Magnification: 3X
    Focusing Range: 0.5m – infinity

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