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Cylindrical Grinder

Cylindrical Grinder
Product Name: Cylindrical Grinder
Product Code: GML0009

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Cylindrical Grinder.

The Universal Cylindrical Grinding Machine ideally suited to performing repetitive grinding operations or small quantity reduction with equal ease. .

Features of our existing range of machines. All models have hydraulic and mechanical able traverse. Wheel Head rapid approach for the operating conveniently. In all models variable speed of work head and internal grinding spindles facilities are available if required on all models. We use antifriction turcite "B" slid-way material on the slides in all our models. Hand - operated lubrications pump for sufficient lubrication of slides. Surface finish 2 microns (improved values can be obtained by using selected grades of grinding wheel applicable to material to be ground).  Standard attaehments :  A coolant pump fitted on a tank, Diamond Dresser 2 nos., Oil can, Dead Center 2 nos., Tool kit. Additional attachment extra cost :  Internal Grinding Attachment, Balancing Stand, Balancing Mandrel, Three Points Steady Rest, Two points Steady Rest, Radius Truing Device, Spare wheel Flange, Independent Four Jaws Chuck, Magnetic Coolant Pump, Grinding Gauge.

Dimensions 305-455 600-800 1000 1250 1500-2000
Table Swivel 9+3 9+3 6+3 6+3 6+3
Centre Height 130 mm 130 mm 150 mm 155 mm 220 mm
Work Head Speeds r.p.m. 3 Steps (SGI 305/455/600/800 mm) 50 to 350
Morse Taper Center No. 3
Work Head Speeds r.p.m. 4 steps (SGI 1000-1250/1500-2000 mm) 35 to 350
Morse Taper Center No 4 to 5
Work Head Swivel 90 degree
Traverse speeds 4 steps (Mechanical) 80 to 385 mm/min.
Traverse speed step-less (Hydraulic) 50 to 1000 mm/min
Rapid approach to all machines 50 mm
Wheel head with a hand wheel (305/455/600/800) 80 mm
Wheel head with a hand wheel (1000/1250) 100 mm
Wheel head with a hand wheel (1500/2000) 170 mm
Increments of feed dial 0.005 mm
Swivel of wheel head 45-45 degree
Wheel speeds (SGI 305/455/600/800 mm) 1800-2000
Standard size of wheel 355 x 25.4 x 127 mm or 355x 38 x 127 mm
Wheel speeds (SGI 1000/1250 mm) 1500-1800
Standard size of wheel 406 x 38 x 127 mm
Wheel speeds (SGI 1500/2000 mm) 1200-1500
Standard size of wheel 508 x 50.80 x 254 mm
Wheel head (SGI 305/455/600/800/1000/1250 mm) 3 H.P. / 5 H.P.
Wheel Head (SGI 1500/2000 mm) 5 H.P. / 7.5 H.P.
Work Head (SGI 305/455/600/800 mm) 0.5 H.P.
Work Head (SGI 1000/1250 mm) 1 H.P.
Work Head (SGI 1500/2000 mm) 1.50 H.P.
Mechanical Table (SGI 305/455/600/800/1000/1250) 0.5 H.P.
Mechanical Table (SGI 1500/2000) 1 H.P.
Hydraulic 1/2 H.P.
Coolant Pump 0.10 H.P.
Internal Grinding Attachment 1 H.P.

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