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Basic Plant Anatomy Slide

Basic Plant Anatomy Slide
Product Name: Basic Plant Anatomy Slide
Product Code: Biologyplant0002

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Basic Plant Anatomy Slide.

Zea (maize), stem TS and LS
Tilia, old stem RLS 
Dicot, stem, apex LS
Lilium, ovary TS and LS 
Lilium, ovary, various stages TS
Vicia, root apex LS 
Monocot, epidermis, for stomata E 
Ammophila (marram grass), leaf TS
Stigma with pollen tubes 
Pollen grains
Helianthus, old stem TS and LS
Tilia (lime), young and old stem TS
Zea, seed LS 
Vicia (bean), young root TS
Prunus (cherry), leaf TS 
Lilium, anther TS
Cucurbita (marrow), stem TS and LS
Helianthus, stem, bundles TS
Helianthus (sunflower), young and old root TS
Capsella, mature cotyledon stage LS

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