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Automatic Tissue Processor

Automatic Tissue Processor
Product Name: Automatic Tissue Processor
Product Code: Microtomes0003

Description and Specification for Lab Tenders

Automatic Tissue Processor.

Automatic Tissue Processor

  • Compact and versatile equipment for staining process atomization from stage one of fixation of tissue and dehydration process to paraffin wax saturation.
  • Glass door with locking arrangement provides easy viewing and safety from tempering.
  • Continuous agitation is provided by rotating S.S.
  • Tissue basket to make process more effective.
  • A superior thermostat maintains desired temperature of wax bath.


  • 1 - S.S. Basket rotor
  • Tissue basket
  • 24 - S.S. Tissue capsules
  • 10 - 1 liter glass beakers
  • 11 - Beaker covers
  • 2 - S.S. Wax baths each fitted with thermostat, 5-24 hrs
  • Calibrated timing discs
  • One-notch pliers for programming time discs
  • It works suitably on 220V ac 50Hz single phase

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