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Our Products

Pressure Reactors

Pressure Reactors, Civil Engineering Lab Equipments manufacturers in India

High Pressure Stirred Lab Autoclaves

High Pressure Stirred Lab Autoclaves For chemical reactions like hydrogenation, oxidation, alkylation, chlorination.....

Product Code: Pressure0001 - (High Pressure Stirred Lab Autoclaves)


Gas Induction Reactors

Gas Induction Reactors Some of the features of Gas....

Product Code: Pressure0002 - (Gas Induction Reactors)


Catalyst Screening and Multiple Reactors

Catalyst Screening and Multiple Reactors For high through-put catalyst screening / testing / research 50ml to 5lit volume 4 nos. or 6 nos.....

Product Code: Pressure0003 - (Catalyst Screening and Multiple Reactors)


Eco Catalyst Screening

Eco Catalyst Screening arallel 6 no. reactor vessels of each 25 ml volume.....

Product Code: Pressure0004 - (Eco Catalyst Screening)


Bottom Stirred Autoclaves

Bottom Stirred Autoclaves 25ml to 750ml volume Pressures upto 200 bar (2900 psi) temperatures upto 200°C....

Product Code: Pressure0005 - (Bottom Stirred Autoclaves)


Glass Body Autoclaves

Glass Body Autoclaves Ideal for corrosive applications and to view the reaction Glass autoclaves pressures upto 6 bar 100 ml to 2 ltrs.....

Product Code: Pressure0006 - (Glass Body Autoclaves)


Non Stirred Pressure Vessels

Non Stirred Pressure Vessels 25 ml to 100 ltrs.....

Product Code: Pressure0007 - (Non Stirred Pressure Vessels)


Gas Hydrate Formation System

Gas Hydrate Formation System For examination of gas hydrate formation Pressure upto 350 bar and temperatures upto 100°C.....

Product Code: Pressure0008 - (Gas Hydrate Formation System)


Acid Digestion Vessels / Acid Digestion Bombs

Acid Digestion Vessels / Acid Digestion Bombs....

Product Code: Pressure0009 - (Acid Digestion Vessels / Acid Digestion Bombs)


Shaker Hydrogenator

Shaker Hydrogenator Used mainly for synthesizing or modifying organic compounds by catalytic hydrogenation. Used to study catalyst activity.....

Product Code: Pressure0010 - (Shaker Hydrogenator)


Continuous Stirred Tank Reactors CSTR

Continuous Stirred Tank Reactors CSTR Product is developed / produced on continuous basis.....

Product Code: Pressure0011 - (Continuous Stirred Tank Reactors CSTR)


Vapor Phase Reactors

Vapor Phase Reactors Gas recycling through 100ml catalyst basket Multiphase reactor MOC- SS316, Hastelloy etc. Pressure upto 350 bar 500 C temperature RPM- upto 3000....

Product Code: Pressure0012 - (Vapor Phase Reactors)


Material Selection Guide

Material Selection Guide Unsuitable.....

Product Code: Pressure0013 - (Material Selection Guide)