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Pressure Leaf Filters

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Pressure Leaf Filters

Pressure Leaf Filters 1-100m2 filtration area offered in vertical and horizontal models. Stainless steel filter elements, hence no repetitive cost, washing and maintenance of filter cloth. Filtration rates are 2-3 times higher on same filter area of plate and frame type filter. Automatic cake discharge with mechanical or pneumatic vibrator and optional spray nozzle for wet cake discharge. Ideal replacement for plate and frame filter. Closed system, no maintenance due to SS filtration mesh, low retention of oil, less occupancy of space etc. Very low % of unfiltered liquid retention in cake. Simple and economical bottom opening with 100% opening and optional butterfly valve for vertical PLF Closed pressurized operating system hence no spillage and loss of liquid, which helps in handling volatile / inflammable liquids and clean working environment. Pressure leaf filter can be completely automated with no human intervention. Applications: Edible oil Industry: Bleached, winterized, deodorized, hydrogenated, fractionized oil, dewaxing, catalyst, mineral oil. Beverage Industry: For glucose, fruit juice, cold drinks, sugar, vinegar. Chemical Industry: For organic & inorganic salts, dyes, chemicals, plastizers, sulphur, copper.. Pharma Industry: For pharmaceutical, intermediates, syrup, bulk drugs, antibiotics, intravenous solution. In Petrochemical Industry: Crude oil, LPG, lubricating oil, sulphur....

Product Code: Pressure Leaf Filters0001 - (Pressure Leaf Filters)