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Our Products

Optical Accessories

CCD camera, beam splitter, trial frame and surgical loupe are our line of optical accessories which are known for offering good fucntionality. We provide optical accessories at market leading rates, civil engineering laboratory equipments suppliers

CCD Camera

CCD is used to convert optical brightness into electrical amplitude signals. It helps in reproducing the image of an object with no time. The CCD Camera has a very high resolution for grabbing the exact image, this can be attached to all of models like Slit Lamps and Surgical Operating Microscope. Specifications TV System : PAL Image Sensor : 1/2Inch CCD Total Pixel : 795(H) x 596(V) Scanning System : 625 TV Lines, 50 field / SEC Minimum illumination : 0.4 Lux f 1.2 5600° K Resolution : 470 TVL / 580TVL (Enhanced) Gain control : AGC on/off Operation temperature : -20° C to 50° C Power Supply : DC12V+_1V/150MA....

Product Code: NLE-Export-027001 - (CCD Camera)


Beam Splitter

Beam Splitter is another unique product, that splits a beam of light in two. It is used in accessory for CCD camera. The bifurcated light is passed to eyepieces which is also provided with a focusing ring. Thereby it increases the image clarity. Features: Beam splitter uses two cube prisms with semi-reflective coatings to direct a portion of the light entering the Beam splitter to the accessory / camera port. The remaining portion of the light passing through the prism goes to the eyepieces. 20/80 Single port with focusing ring .....

Product Code: NLE-Export-027002 - (Beam Splitter)


Trial Frame

Pack of 10 Frames Trial Frame is a Light Weight with Aluminum & stainless steel sides.Trial Frame in addition to Trial Lens Set is used to provide a comfortable, robust and easy lens fitting. It is lightweight spectacle frame providing comfort to patient. In addition to this it has adjustable temple length and angle with easily changeable cylinder axis.  Features: The cells are spaced to accommodate reduced aperture lenses only. Accommodate up to 8 pieces 38mm trial lenses and it permits smooth & easy manipulation of Bridge & P.D. Fully adjustable temple length and nose rest. Easily changeable cylinder axis Wide range of PD adjustments from 48mm , 80mm.....

Product Code: NLE-Export-027003 - (Trial Frame)


Surgical Loupe

Surgical Loupe have features of independent focusing. These lens are lightweight. Provides additional comfort to around ears and nose. It provides a high impressive performance with robust frame making work easy going. Specifications: Magnification     :     3.5x Visual Field Diameter     :     30mm Working Distance     :     300mm Weight     :     100 Gram Without Box Features: Large Field Of View Bright Clear Image Long Lasting and Comfortable Swing Out Of View When Not In Use One Can Use His Power Glasses in the Same Frame Also available With Comfortable Headband....

Product Code: NLE-Export-027004 - (Surgical Loupe)


Examination Torch

Examination Torch is used to check interior of the eye. This special torch shines a light through pupil allowing to see the detail structure of the pupil. Moreover, pupil reflexes are also checked. These reflexes are checked for viewing the proper functioning of the pupil. Features: A powerful light source to examine the patient having no recurring cost of battery. Illumination of halogen bulb Vol 20 Watts With provision to control the intensity at the time of examination....

Product Code: NLE-Export-027005 - (Examination Torch)


Streak Retinoscope

Streak Retinoscope is adapted to record the location of the retinoscope slide during the examination for providing information regarding optical failure. It also contains adjustable beam for convergent, divergent and parallel focus, providing an effective checkup for the patient. Features: Operate Either With Large Dry Batteries or Rechargeable Cell, 15V x 2 Separate Control For Beam Adjustment & Streak Rotation 360° Beam Adjustment to Divergent, Parallel & Convergent Large Semi-Reflector Interference Mirror Comes With One Spare Bulb 3 V....

Product Code: NLE-Export-027006 - (Streak Retinoscope)


Operating Light

Operating light is a lightweight and powerful source of light for operating surgeries. It provides high-refined and technologically-advanced lighting system with a powerful halogen lamp. Moreover, it is highly compact light weight which makes it very flexible to put on any side for operating. Features: This is a compact light weight and powerful pource that works on input of 220 Volts to 240 Volts and output is 12 Volt 50 Watts. Duly fitting on foldable MS - Rod tripod stand. It has a powerful halogen lamp for an easy access for quick replacement. Specially designed lighting system with special kind of condensers lens to cuts off heat radiation and resulting in day light quality bright illumination with minimum heat on object for various types Of examinations. Intensity can be controlled with solid state system fitted on transformer.....

Product Code: NLE-Export-027007 - (Operating Light)