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Laboratory Miscellanies Ware

Laboratory Supplies - We are a leading Importer & Supplier of Laboratory Miscellanies Ware such as Lab Wear, Safety Goggles, Laboratory Gloves, Laboratory Masks, Heating Mantle, Mantle Spare and many more items from India, civil engineering laboratory equipments suppliers

Lab Wear Laboratory Equipments Supplies

Laboratory Coat, White in color  Male Female....

Product Code: NLE-Export-135001 - (Lab Wear Laboratory Equipments Supplies)


Safety Goggles Laboratory Equipments Supplies

Clear with adjustable side arms Clear with black rim, adjustable side arms Black UV protected with adjustable arms Clear with adjustable side guards Clear shield type with adjustable guard and elastic....

Product Code: NLE-Export-135002 - (Safety Goggles Laboratory Equipments Supplies)


Laboratory Gloves Laboratory Equipments Supplies

Latex disposable nitrile powder Acid Nitrile Vinyl Polyethylene disposable Cotton....

Product Code: NLE-Export-135003 - (Laboratory Gloves Laboratory Equipments Supplies)


Laboratory Masks Laboratory Equipments Supplies

Mask for filtration, disposable made of flit, in white color Mask for filtration, DM -6NC Mutiayer 98% -0.3 Micron Mask with protection against toxins, blue in color....

Product Code: NLE-Export-135004 - (Laboratory Masks Laboratory Equipments Supplies)


Heating Mantle Laboratory Equipments Supplies

Made of fiber glass yarn with heating elements covered in fibre glass sleeve o provide uniform heating of flask, up to 400°C, 220 V ± 10% AC, Single Phase , 50 Hz....

Product Code: NLE-Export-135005 - (Heating Mantle Laboratory Equipments Supplies)


Mantle Spare Laboratory Equipments Supplies

Made of fiber glass yarn for placements in heating mantles, provides heating upto 400° c.....

Product Code: NLE-Export-135006 - (Mantle Spare Laboratory Equipments Supplies)


Kjeldhal Laboratory Equipments Supplies

Combined 6 Test with 6 Regulator Combined 3 Test with 3 Regulator Digestion 6 Test with 6 Regulator  Digestion 6 Test with 1 Regulator Digestion 3 Test with 3 Regulator Digestion 3 Test with 1 Regulator Digestion 4 Test Buchi Type Distillation 6 Test with 6 Regulator  Digestion 6 Test with 1 Regulator Digestion 3 Test with 3 Regulator Digestion 3 Test with 1 Regulator....

Product Code: NLE-Export-135007 - (Kjeldhal Laboratory Equipments Supplies)


Hot Plate Laboratory Equipments Supplies

Designed for heating of vessels with flat surfaces with large contact areas up to 550°C use of hotplates is advised for such vessels which due to their uneven shape or curvature or material composition may break off during heating at a point, 220V ± 10% AC, Single Phase, 50 Hz .....

Product Code: NLE-Export-135008 - (Hot Plate Laboratory Equipments Supplies)


Stirrer Laboratory Equipments Supplies

Magnetic stirrer are electrically operated, fitted with speed regulator, max speed 1500 RPM, top plate stainless steel. AC 220 V ± 10 %, Single Phase , 50 Hz for all sizes.....

Product Code: NLE-Export-135009 - (Stirrer Laboratory Equipments Supplies)


Vortex Shaker Laboratory Equipments Supplies

50 watt FHP motor is mounted vertically in a sheet metal body, duly powder coated. A rubber cup is provided at the top, which suits for the test tubes to be shaken for mixing the solution. It has got a continuously variable speed up to 1500 RPM . An ON/OFF switch is provided for the mains supply 220V, 50 Hz Single phase AC. Speed regulator knob has been provided to control the sped of vibration.....

Product Code: NLE-Export-135010 - (Vortex Shaker Laboratory Equipments Supplies)


Silica Basins Laboratory Equipments Supplies

With spout, round bottom, translucent, stands up to 1000°C....

Product Code: NLE-Export-135011 - (Silica Basins Laboratory Equipments Supplies)


Quartz Crucible Laboratory Equipments Supplies

Made of quartz gel and powder, tolerates up to 2000°C....

Product Code: NLE-Export-135012 - (Quartz Crucible Laboratory Equipments Supplies)


Porcelain Crucible Laboratory Equipments Supplies

Made of ceramic, with lid, squat form, max. Temp. Up to 800°C....

Product Code: NLE-Export-135013 - (Porcelain Crucible Laboratory Equipments Supplies)


Porcelain Triangles Laboratory Equipments Supplies

Porcelain tube, iron wire, max. Temp. Up to 800°C....

Product Code: NLE-Export-135014 - (Porcelain Triangles Laboratory Equipments Supplies)


SS Forceps Laboratory Equipments Supplies

Stainless steel, grade 410, electrolytical polished & anti magnetic. Straight fine points.....

Product Code: NLE-Export-135015 - (SS Forceps Laboratory Equipments Supplies)